Story Sale! “Euryale Rising”

Not Our Kind

I’m excited to announce that my story, “Euryale Rising,” will be appearing in Not Our Kind: Tales of (Not) Belonging, forthcoming from editor Nayad Monroe and publisher Alliteration Ink, Kickstarting now.

This genre-blending anthology about outsiders was a natural fit for me, as most of my stories feature characters who exist on the fringes in some way. “Euryale Rising” takes place in the near future after most of the population has been wiped out by a manmade biological agent. Hell’s denizens rise to the earth’s surface, “…free once again to roam above, to spawn myths and legends, to feel raindrops on the gnarled skin of their cheeks.” Euryale, a gorgon who’s suffered more than most at the hands of people, emerges full of hate and bent on revenge, but meets her match in an old, nearly blind farmer—”Name’s Ambrose, but everyone ’round here calls me Orv.”

I had great fun writing this piece. It takes place in the southern Alberta countryside, and features real landmarks and sights from my day trip to the Millarville Farmer’s Market last fall. Euryale is one of three gorgons in Greek mythology, second eldest of the dreadful, brass-handed creatures and known for her bellowing cries. Orv is loosely based on my own grandpa (who’s named neither Ambrose nor Orv), a former farmer and adorable and lively man who turned 100 (!) this year. I dedicate this story to him and to my equally wonderful grandma.

I hope you enjoy!