About Me

UntitledI live in Calgary, Alberta, the city where I was born and still love despite five-minute-long summers and constant airings of “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” during the Calgary Stampede. I write mostly fantasy, but occasionally dip into the realm of horror.  I’m also an assistant editor for Nightmare Magazine.

For fun I enjoy running, camping, hiking in the mountains, bike rides, discovering new music, NHL hockey, role-playing and board games, drinking wine, and, of course, reading. Sometimes I paint my toenails different colours. I’m a member of Calgary’s Imaginative Fiction Writers Association (not to be confused with unimaginative fiction writers) and have blogged with the Inkpunks, though not recently.

So far I’ve avoided Facebook, but am pretty addicted to Twitter, where you can find me at: @erikaholt.